Bare root plants 8"-15"         10.00$

Bare root plant 18"-26"        12.50$

Bare root plant (Mature)      17.50$

                                       Not Available

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Sea buckthorn's silvery leaves and bright orange berries make it a beautiful landscape choice. 

It is dioecious and therefore you will need to plan for at least 1 male and 1 female shrub if your goal is to have fruits. A general rule of thumb is to plant males so that predominant springtime winds will carry the pollen to the females. In larger plantations we recommend a 1:6 or 1:10 - M:F ratio. 


Omega Fruit Sea Buckthorn Products

We offer pre finished Sea buckthorn plants from our nursery which are rooted in 1 gallon pots and available by late July. We also have older plants available anytime starting at 15.00$ and 17.50$ while supplies last.

​Our Nursery is open from the beginning of April to the end of November. 

We sometimes sell out of certain cultivars but you may chose to secure your order with a reservation. Small orders can be pre purchased online while larger orders of 100 shrubs or more requires a 50% deposit. Please contact us for deposits.



Sea Buckthorn, male shrub, cultivar : Lord (pollinator)

Vigorous and strong pollinator. 

Has a average height 10' -12'.
Has some thorns which makes it a great sanctuary for small wildlife.
​This male plant has a 10 day pollination period. Appropriate for any tempered northern climate, zone 3 to 7, mature fruiting female.

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