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 Bare root plants 8"-15"         10.00$

Bare root plant 18"-26"        12.50$

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Bare root plant (Mature)      17.50$

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Sunny Sea buckthorn berries are large and very juicy. Average weight per 100 berries is approximately 100 grams!  This cultivar produces berries with a great taste that are perfect for comestibles.

Sea Buckthorn, female shrub, cultivar : Sunny
A medium height shrub (10' - 12' H).

This cultivar has very few thorns.
The large ovale fruits mature to a deep yellow in late summer. Approximately 100 days after flowering.
Harvest time is roughly two weeks.

The tropical flavour and low acidity makes this fruit perfect for juicing and comestibles. 

Now taking orders for spring 2018.

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