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  *Omega 7 (Palmitoleic acid) : Sea buckthorn is the best vegan source of this omega fatty acid. 

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Sea buckthorn benefits​​
With 70% of our immune system residing in our gut, what we put into it, counts! Sea buckthorn juice is known to help achieve balanced nutrient intake, cold and flu resistance and increased energy levels.  It's inflammation reducing antioxidants help athletes fight body fatigue, and the balanced Omegas fatty acids 3 - 6, 7* & 9, are considered to have a clear role in the prevention and healing of certain Atopic disorders. 

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Sea buckthorn shrubs - berries - juice - herbal tea.

Sea buckthorn in North America                 Across North America world class Chefs and home foodies alike are elevating the Sea berry. It's inspiring colour and citrusy taste make it a versatile ingredient. The flavour is generally described as a pineapple or mango with it's sweetness removed and it is well balanced with just a bit of agave nectar, maple syrup or honey. 

You may like to know..

The long history of Sea buckthorn has been documented since it's use as feed for injured war horses of Genghis Khan and has been mentioned as the food that powered Pegasus.

Today, the Sea berry has been analyzed and vigorously tested for various ecological and healthful advantages. This rigorous scientific evaluation has proven many promising results. With 190 bio active ingredients such as, vitamins C, & E, carotenoids, protein, omega fatty acids and dietary fibres, the benefits of consuming Sea buckthorn on a regular are clear. It has been shown to help support heart health, mucosal membranes, metabolic systems, healthy skin, hair & nails. The juice's impressively high in vit C and carotenoids which will help strengthen the immune system and could aid in restoring night vision. 

 Seaberry Sorbet is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to this new fruit as it showcases the true flavour of the berry. The juice is increasingly popular in healthful or decadent desserts, in cold pressed juice blends & cleanses or as the base of the very trendy smoothie bowl. The berry tea can be brewed and carbonated for a deliciously, thirst quenching cold beverage or enjoyed warm on a chilly day. 
Sea buckthorn tastes great with:
Ginger - Cinnamon - Honey - Figs - Pineapple - Banana - Apple - Maple syrup - Duck - Fish - Vodka - Watermelon - Agave - Gin - Turmeric 
... the list just goes on!

The Latvian region, where our cultivars originate, is a great comparison to the Canadian and northern US climates. We have cultivars that are adapted to Northern weather conditions, from deep colds and durable snow coverage, to milder climates (zone 2-5). Over the years Sea buckthorn's rise in popularity has lead to many testing the waters in their own back yards or fruit plantations, and so the Sea berry is now growing successfully in warmer winter climates as well. (zone 6-7)

Developed to have lesser thorns for easier harvesting and large juicy fruits perfect for the comestibles market, our Seabuckthorn shrubs are robust with vigorous healthy roots. 

Our newest cultivar, Eva, boasts a record high of phenolic compounds - 138 mg 100 g-1. Phenols, like flavonoids, are known to effectively act against cancer cells. 

Our Sea buckthorn cultivars:

Sunny (From Parent = Botanitelskaya)



Lord (Male pollinator)


Eva *Brand New In 2017

Otto (Male pollinator For Eva) *Brand New In 2017  

We provide North American's with quality Sea buckthorn products; organic U-pick fruits - cold pressed juice - herbal tea & Sea buckthorn shrubs. We are dedicated to marketing the various advantages of Sea Buckthorn, from it's fruits to it's roots! 

Sea buckthorn is recognized worldwide as a super fruit that contains many essential nutrients beneficial for maintaining a healthy body inside and out. It is also valued for it's ecological benefits, such as it's Nitrogen fixing properties and erosion controlling root system. This medium fruiting shrub fits nicely into any bountiful backyard. It is a great choice as wind breaker and the silvery green leaves look wonderful in any landscape project.    

Our Nordic Gold Sea buckthorn juice is the product of Dienvidi Plus, a leader in the European organic Sea berry trade. Great attention is paid to the cultivation, harvesting and processing of their Seaberries. Which in the end, ensures that Nordic Gold’s Sea buckthorn juice is of the highest quality and palatability. Our Canadian grown Seaberries are of most comestible cultivars and harvested at peak ripeness to ensure the most delicious fruits. /GooGhywoiu9839t543j0s7543uw1