Sea Buckthorn Berry Tea​  

Sea buckthorn tea is truly delicious infused and blended with ginger and/or cinnamon. It is refreshing both hot and cold.

Add some pure Sea buckthorn juice to the infusion for a perfectly nourishing workout beverage.  

Seaberry tea is often used as a flavouring infusion to kombucha.

200g loose herbal tea 16.00$

Non Sweet Dried Seaberries
Freeze Dried Sea Buckthorn Powder

The whole Sea buckthorn berry has been freeze dried and ground into a fine powder which can be incorporated into a variety of foods and beverages. Try it in home made crackers and to top soups. This powder can also be used to top smoothie bowls.

100g Freeze dried powder 16.00$

Dried Sweetened Seaberries Ratio 1:1
Seaberry Herbal Tea
Freeze Dried Sea Buckthorn Powder.
Dried Sweetened Seaberries Ratio 1:0.7

Omega Fruit Sea Buckthorn Products

Sea Buckthorn Berries

We have whole frozen Seabuckthorn berries grown and harvested to the highest standards, available in 2kg or 10kg case pack. -We also have manufacturing grade berries available in 25kg bags.

We can drop ship our products anywhwere in North America. Frozen Seaberries need dry ice for areas outside a 24 hr shipping zone.

Dried whole Sea Buckthorn Berries can be used in granola bar and trail mixes, breakfast cereals, to top yogurts, ice creams and smoothie bowl. You can add them to baked goods and sauces or eat them alone as a healthy, vitamin boosting snack. Dried whole berries come in non sweetened and sweetened at ratios 1:1.    100g dried Sea buckthorn berries 16.99$ 

​​​​​We sell young Sea buckthorn plants as bare root, and pre finished in 1 gallon pots. Our trees can be picked up at our nursery. Please call us to make an appointment.       

Our bare root plants are available every spring and fall. A minimum of 12 trees are required for FedEx or Canada post delivery. 
Our rooted Sea buckthorn cultivars can be sent across             North America.

 ​*Sea buckthorn is not recommended to the following US States; Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama.  

Frozen Sea Buckthorn Berries - Juice - Oil

There are over 20 000 plants used medicinally in the world, many of these are consumed as daily foods but only a few hundred species are important enough to be recognized internationally.

Sea buckthorn has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of asthma, acid reflux and to support a healthy immune system. It’s a great source of vitamins A, B, C, and E, and a vegan source of omega fatty acids 3, 6, 7, & 9, which is why this berry is popping up on the ingredient list of a variety of beauty products, supplements, and wholesome foods.

Offering an array of gourmet quality sea buckthorn products sourced both from Canada and Europe. We primarily distribute to restaurants, as well as, food and beverage manufacturers across North America but will happily provide anyone with our products. Minimum purchases may apply. 

​​​Sea Buckthorn Shrubs

Dried Sea Buckthorn Berries

Sea Buckthorn Juice

Our Sea buckthorn Juice is 100% pure and available in bulk or 500ml bottles. 

Some classic uses for Seabuckthorn juice include; tonics, cleanses, smoothies, vinaigrettes, sorbet, gelato, savoury sauces, candies and fruit leather.

6 pack for 66.00$

20 pack for 220.00$


Sea Buckthorn Oil

We offer a comestible grade, cold pressed oil. This is a blend of both pure seed and fruit oils.

The oil can be applied directly on skin to help treat inflammation and certain dermatological issues. 

On the culinary side, many chefs are using our Seabuckthorn oil on white fish, salads, and desserts.

Sea buckthorn oil is a powerful natural food colorant!

15ml 16.00$​

Omega Fruit Sea Buckthorn Trees - Berries - Juice - Pulp

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