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 Bare root plants 8"-15"         10.00$

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Omega Fruit Sea Buckthorn Products

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All our Sea buckthorn cultivars are listed as "preferred varieties", by Mr. Martin Trépanier, Ph.D., agr. at the horticultural research centre in Laval Quebec, in his 2013 presentation for the commercial development of Sea buckthorn in Canada.

Sea Buckthorn, female shrub, cultivar: Mary

Medium height (10' - 15' H).

This cultivar has few thorns. 

Fruits are bright orange at maturity. Once ripe these berries remain firm and can be harvested for up to four to six weeks. Harvest time is usually August into early Sept. 

Average berry weight 68g/100 berries.

The berries from this cultivar are a favorite for use in nutraceuticals.The flavour is mild and pleasant since it is low in total acids, which makes it a great choice for food and beverages as well.

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