Bare root plants 8"-12"         8.00$

Bare root plant 13"-20"        12.50$

Bare root plant (Mature)      17.50$

Omega Fruit Sea Buckthorn Products


All our Sea buckthorn cultivars are listed as "preferred varieties", by Mr. Martin Trépanier, Ph.D., agr. at the horticultural research centre in Laval Quebec, in his 2013 presentation for the commercial development of Sea buckthorn in Canada.

Sea Buckthorn, female shrub, cultivar: Mary

Medium height (10' - 15' H).

With very few thorns. 

Fruits, bright orange at maturity, remain firm for a long period. The fruit has a much longer harvest (up to first frost).  Average berry weight 58g/100 berries.

The berry has a slightly higher oil content than Sunny with a mild pleasant flavour.



Bare root shrubs at 8.00$

Bare roots shrubs at 12.50$ 


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